11 October 2013

Is Housing Running Away from the Masses Once Again?

11 October 2013,

A pretty bleak figure highlighted again the overheating of a housing market on a national level. Housing affordability remains one of the more glaring [...]

27 June 2013

LAX Debuts New Tom Bradley Terminal

27 June 2013,

LAX finally received the Tom Bradley International Terminal that the city has been working on for some time. The results are, according to all [...]

19 June 2013

What % of Your Salary Should Go Towards a Mortgage?

19 June 2013,

A blog post put together by the lead economist over at Trulia is making the rounds this AM, and I thought I’d discuss it [...]

17 June 2013

New Jodie Foster Film… Old Jodie Foster House

17 June 2013,

Two time Academy Award winner Jodie Foster has put up her Hollywood Hills‘ home for sale. The home is listed at $6 million plus, [...]

14 June 2013

It’s All Yours for $1,500/mo. All 375 Square Feet of It!

14 June 2013,

Eleve, a Glendale company that has put together quite a buzz around its new development, has added a new and dynamic approach to the [...]

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