Agoura Hills Homes

AgouraAgoura Hills is an area nestled between Calabasas, Malibu, and Hidden Hills. The area is relatively subdued and quiet in comparison to the rest of the Valley. It is particularly beautiful in the fall and spring, when the hills glow either their golden yellow or bright green. Fun facts: Agoura Hills was originally settled by the Chumash Native Americans, and was named after a French sheep trader.

Burbank Homes

BurbankOnce billed as the media capital of the world, Burbank remains a thriving part of the Los Angeles economy, yet provides a rather tranquil San Fernando Valley place of residence. Due to the age of many of the homes an older feel is maintained. Fun fact: Dr. David Burbank purchased the thousands of acres that make up this city in order to raise sheep and grow wheat. Of course this was in 1867. Not too many wheat farmers remain.

Calabasas Homes

CalabasasCalabasas is one of the more affluent cities in the San Fernando Valley. It has built up quite a reputation over the last few years as a celebrity filled city that provides fantastic schools, and plenty of eye-catching valley views. The city’s name is derived from the Spanish word for pumpkin, and it’s library is considered to be one of the Valley’s best. It has become a hybrid of both cosmopolitan living and stunning natural beauty.

Canoga Park Homes

Canoga ParkCanoga Park is situated in between Woodland Hills, West Hills, Winnetka, and Chatsworth, and is probably best known for the beautifully renovated Westfield Topanga Plaza. The Burro Caves speak of the fascinating history of the area. Aerospace chose it as a location to grow the industry in the 1950s. It houses some of the brightest engineers in the world, and continues to be a source for all shoppers unwilling to make the trek over to the West Side.

Chatsworth Homes

ChatsworthChatsworth is a valley city that is bordered by the beautiful Santa Susana Mountains. It neighbors Porter Ranch, West Hills, and Northridge, West Hills, among other cities.

Encino Homes

EncinoEncino is the Spanish word for “evergreen”. The name is quite fitting, since the city is particularly lush in comparison to other areas of the Valley. It is nestled against the North facing slope of the Santa Monica Mountains, and is considered one of the more affluent San Fernando Valley communities.

Glendale Homes

GlendaleGlendale essentially can be found at the far eastern end of the valley, and split by the beautiful mountain range known as the Verdugo Mountains. It is the 3rd largest city in the Los Angeles County. It attracts visitors from afar for their large outside shopping community “Americana”. The Americana’s concept was designed as a city center that has a mix of architectural styles, building heights, and open area.

Granada Hills Homes

Granada HillsGranada Hills is a city in the Valley located north of Northridge and North Hills.

Some neighborhoods consist of mid-century modern design by the famous Joseph Eichler. His architecture was based on the concept of integrating outdoor and indoor spaces. Fun Fact: San Fernando Valley’s first oil well
was found in Granada Hills.

Lake Balboa

Lake BalboaLake Balboa is a small city in the Valley that can be found nestled between Encino, Van Nuys and North Hills. It is a relatively new city that was founded in the year 2006, and is probably best known for its man-made recreational facility, known as Balboa Lake, where one can enjoy kayaking, bike riding, picnicking, or strolling in the park.

Mission Hills

Mission Hills’ neighbors are North Hills, Sylmar, and San Fernando. The community offers beautiful homes and easy access to some of the major freeways in the valley. The community is known for the nearby San Fernando Mission. Fun Fact: The city also contains the second oldest residence still standing in Los Angeles.

North Hills

North HillsNorth Hills, an area that borders both Northridge and Panorama City, is one of the San Fernando Valley’s oldest cities. It was once known as Sepulveda, and there are certain areas within the city that still offer residents a bit of that small town feel.

North Hollywood Homes

North HollywoodNorth Hollywood is a popular area for nightlife and test in (what does this mean?) living. Since 2000, the city has undergone new development to recapture North Hollywood’s historic image. It is best known for its NoHo Art District, which consists of many contemporary theaters, art galleries, cafes, and shops.

Northridge Homes

Northridge is located next to North Hills and Chatsworth and is probably best known for the California State University, which is the only University institution in the Valley. Northridge offers some exclusive residential areas, and is considered by many San Fernando Valley residents to be one of the most family friendly neighborhoods.

Pacoima Homes

PacoimaPacoima borders Mission Hills and Lake View Terrace. The main streets that run through this area are San Fernando Rd. and Van Nuys Blvd. Housing prices in this area are considered to be some of the most affordable in the Valley.

Panorama City Homes

Panorama CityPanorama city is an area in the valley that borders Mission Hills, Arleta and Van Nuys. Within this city is a large commercial center that was once housed the largest automobile assembly plant – General Motors. Fun Fact: The popular television comedy series, The Office, is filmed within the city limits.

Porter Ranch Homes

Porter RanchPorter Ranch is one of the San Fernando Valley’s newest neighborhoods. The neighborhood is largely composed of gated communities of upscale single-family homes. Fun Fact: Many scenes in the famous Stephen Spielberg film ET were filmed in Porter Ranch.

Reseda Homes

ResedaReseda is considered to be one of the San Fernando Valley’s first suburbs. It was once known for its large orange groves, but these were eventually divided up by developers and became one of the Valley’s first sources for homes in or around the close of the Second World War.

San Fernando Homes

San FernandoSan Fernando is bordered by Lake View Terrace, Mission Hills, Sylmar, and Pacoima. San Fernando Valley was named after the city San Fernando. It was named for a mission that still stands. Over the last decade or so San Fernando has seen a tremendous amount of growth. San Fernando provides the most affordable housing prices in the valley.

Sherman Oaks Homes

Sherman OaksSherman Oaks is a San Fernando Valley city that is highly urbanized, and as a definite commercial center that stands as perhaps the valleys strongest. The only other commercial center that compares with the one found in Warner Center. Sherman Oaks is a somewhat affluent area that is bordered by Studio City, Encino, and brushes up against both Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

Studio City Homes

Studio CityStudio City is another of the Valley’s most wealthy residential neighborhoods, and provides a pretty fascinating mix of both suburban living next with pedestrian lifestyle.

It is a trendy spot known best for its mix of high-quality restaurants, and is also a great source for the collection of motion picture studios that remained in the area.

Sylmar Homes

Sylmar is situated at the northernmost area in the San Fernando Valley, and resides just north of San Fernando. It was once an area that housed one of the largest olive groves in the world. It is now generally flat suburb that provides a high percentage of home ownership relative to the rest of the valley. For this reason prices have remained slightly more stable and area during this volatile period in real estate.

Tarzana Homes

TarzanaTarzana is a neighborhood that is aptly named after the jungle book character Tarzan. The city’s name ads to the historic association with entertainment that the San Fernando Valley offers. It neighbors Woodland Hills, Reseda, and Encino. Most of the homes are located in the foot hills of the Santa Monica mountain and are sought out to be higher end homes.