Burbank homes and real estate generally range in price. The area is considered to be one of the Valley’s oldest, and for this reason many of the homes are smaller in size.

This measure of size certainly does not relate to stature. Burbank is considered to be one of the Valley’s most sought-after areas to live. Neighboring Glendale and Studio City give the overall area a dynamic feel — a city that has a very casual yet cosmopolitan mood.

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A Little History of Burbank Houses

These homes are designed to catch the eye of anyone who drives by. Even the smallest and least expensive homes in the Burbank area have at least 3 or 4 bedrooms. The majority of these smaller homes also have at least 1 or 2 bathrooms. This makes it great for a family with multiple children. The last thing children want is to wait in line for a shower in the morning. With these multiple bathrooms, everyone will have a chance to get ready in the morning on their own time.

Some of these homes in the lower price range resemble the look of older homes in movies. This classic look attracts many different families to the area. The exterior of the home will look like it belongs in the 70’s but the interior will have you feeling extremely modern and up-to-date. One thing that brings families to these Burbank houses is the granite countertops. Almost every home in this area will have granite countertops with nice wood cabinets. This gives you enough room for all of your kitchen belongings and will leave some extra room for growth. Many of the people who reside in the Burbank area work for high end companies and make 6 figures a year. This brings up the sophistication level of the neighborhood and even the town. Everyone wants to live in any area surrounded by hard working business men and women.

Cost of Real Estate in the Area

Burbank real estate generally ranges from $400,000 all the way to over $2,000,000. Whether you are looking for a small home for your small family or a large and lavish home for a vacation getaway, you will be able to find the perfect home in the Burbank area. Some of the homes in the middle of the spectrum are two story and some of them are one story. The house you choose completely depends on your taste and whether or not you can walk up and down the stairs. The two story homes will have a lot of space on the second floor and the one story homes will look more spacious on the inside. The Burbank area is perfect for any size of a family. With wonderful neighboring communities such as Glendale and North Hollywood, Burbank truly offers its homeowners access to just about everything great about the San Fernando Valley.