Canoga Park homes and real estate truly do offer the home shopper true variety. Southern California living means access to the beaches, access to shopping, a variety of culture and cuisine, etc. And if there ever was a place that offered all of this, it is certainly the city of Canoga Park.

After recently turning 100 years old, Canoga Park again showed why it remains one of the Valley’s most notable cities.

Canoga Park – A Neighborhood with Diversity

The best neighborhood for just about any budget is Canoga Park. There are Canoga Park homes from as low as $100,000 all the way up to $520,000. In this neighborhood, you will find everyone from engineers to school teachers. This is a great community for just about any price range from middle-low class to high class.

This area is not only known for the greatly priced homes, it is also known for the Westfield Topanga Plaza. This is one of the largest shopping malls in the surrounding area. Many people come to Canoga Park simply to indulge in the many different shopping opportunities it carries. You will find everything from clothing stores and electronic component stores to book stores. You can essentially get all of your shopping done in one shopping mall. You can bring the whole family and find clothing options for everyone.

The Canoga Park houses are in a prime location for the shopping mall. These houses range from 1 bed and 1 bath single homes to 6 beds and 4 baths family homes and everything in between the two.

The smaller homes are not as flashy as the larger homes but they will feel more comfortable and homey than the larger ones. The smallest home in Canoga Park is only 488 square feet. This is perfect for either a single person living on their own or a couple trying to find their first place together. It is small on the inside but leaves room to show personality with the decorations. The decorations will let you show your friends and family your creativity and will make this home your own.