Glendale homes and real estate remain some of the area’s most attractive due to their access to so much. When considering Valley living, the areas of Glendale and Burbank probably offer the most central spots when it comes access to all the variety that southern California provides.

It is thirty minutes to the beach, fifteen to downtown, five to Pasadena, and about an hour to the snow. Combine all this with the vibrant culture and beautiful homes that the area provides and you have one of the most notable cities in any of the valleys.

Glendale — A City Divided by Mountains

The Glendale city is actually split down the middle by an amazing mountain range. These mountains are known as the Verdugo Mountains. If you are looking for a large city with tons of neighbors and things to do, the Glendale homes are perfect. Glendale is considered to be the 3rd largest of the cities in Los Angeles. This means there will be tons of housing opportunities and activities for the families to indulge in.

Americana is the shopping community located near this city. You will always find something to keep yourself occupied and entertained in Glendale. The homes in this area range from 1 bedroom homes and apartments to 6 bedroom luxurious homes. The spectrum is very wide when it comes to home size and price. The more expensive homes are almost all multi-level. They will also come with beautiful views of the city and the mountains. One side will show you the skyline of the city and the other side will show you the outlines of the mountains. Many of these larger homes were built many years ago but have been redone to keep up with the times. You will experience a modern feel when it comes to the appliances and technology but the exterior and structural designs will bring you back a few years.

Houses of All Sizes

The Glendale real estate at the lower end of the price and size spectrum is still large enough for a family. These homes are little more wallets friendly but can still comfortably hold a decent sized family. Some of these homes are built for a single couple or individual or for a small family. With prices a step below those of Burbank, Glendale offers house hunters a chance to search out true bargains.

Some people might think a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom condo home might be too small for comfort, but these homes are reasonably sized. You won’t have to worry about cramming all of your belongings in a closet with these houses. They are large enough to hold a lot of items but small enough to be quaint and cozy.

The Glendale houses in the middle of the price and size spectrum are great for families or even college students with roommates. With 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, you can fit a family with 3 children or 4 different roommates in these homes. Because Glendale is in the ideal location, finding a home to fit your needs won’t be too difficult. You will be close to different shopping plazas, grocery stores and even tons of restaurants. You will also have magnificent views of both the city skyline and the mountains.