If you are looking for a new and exciting area in the San Fernando Valley to reside in, the Lake Balboa real estate may provide just that.

The most popular feature of this area that draws in many visitors is the actual Balboa Lake, a man-made lake that offers the community leisurely access. The area also provides immediate access to the 101 Freeway, Ventura Blvd, as well as access to the myriad of cities that surround Lake Balboa.

A Little More About the Area of Lake Balboa

The areas is names after a man-made lake that is home to many different recreational activities. The residents and the visitors can have fun experiencing different activities on and around the lake. These activities include bike riding, kayaking and even enjoying a nice picnic with your loved ones. The homes that surround this lake are new and modern compared to the other surrounding areas. This area is ideal for a new family looking for a neighborhood to start their life in.

There are fortunately some Lake Balboa homes that were built many years ago. The advantage to purchasing a home built in the 50’s is you know it has a great structure and will last for a long time. These older homes might sound like they are from a completely different era but look like they were built recently. The exteriors are up to date with the latest trends and the interiors are completely redesigned to fit the needs of the families these days. The main thing people look for with these homes is a large backyard. The majority of the homes in this area are equipped with a large backyard great for family entertaining. The larger homes might be big when it comes to the square footage but you will feel right at home. Lake Balboa houses also offer proximity to great neighboring areas such as Encino and Sherman Oaks.

The Lake Balboa area is all about comfort and calmness. These larger houses are big enough to fit a family of 7 but won’t make the family feel uncomfortable at all. There are also some Lake Balboa houses that are perfect for a couple or even a single individual. If you are searching for a friendly neighborhood with great surroundings, the Lake balboa neighborhood is the perfect location. There is a section of townhomes that are great for a single family or a single individual. They are multi-leveled homes with enough room to fit two people comfortably. The neighbors are all very nice and friendly. The Balboa Lake is a great spot to meet new people and to host some family activities. This area is great for just about any size of a family.