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A Look At Newbury Park

Newbury Park as part of Ventura county’s Conejo Valley, arguably one of the most attractive counties in the United States of America. The canal valley itself consistently ranks among the top 50 places to live, and much of this has to do it the well thought out planned communities along with the stunning natural landscape.

The area of Newbury Park lies just west of Thousand Oaks, and runs alongside the Santa Monica mountain range. The Santa Monica Mountains created stunning landscape and provide picturesque views from many of the residents of this region.

Supporting Brainpower to Major Corporations

Newbury Park provides housing for a large percentage of the employees who work for many of the major corporations that provide economic stability and resilience to the area. Many of these corporations are high-tech, and handful of them are world-renowned corporations to highlight some of the stability that he area provides in the way of economic resilience. Companies such as Amgen found a home in the canal valley, and the residents of various such as Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park provide the brainpower to sustain the development of these fascinating corporations.

The economy in this part of the state has been startlingly strong, and for that reason real estate prices shot up dramatically during the real estate boom. Of course there has been a drop in price due to the global economic credit issues, and a robust economy of this region allows the area to sustain its high quality of living allowance relatively strong house price.