The area that arguable has the most history in the San Fernando Valley is known as North Hills. Many people come to this area because there are still some sports that have the feeling of a small town.

Finding an area to feel like a small town in the San Fernando Valley is extremely rare. Once the residents and visitors found North Hills, they decided they never wanted to leave. The small town feelings are completely different from the city feeling or even a large community feeling.

There is plenty of North Hills real estate available near the small town area. Some of the homes in this small town are also very little in size. There are some 2 bedroom homes with 1 bedroom that are large enough to fit a couple of people but small enough to fit in with a small town. There aren’t very many shopping areas in this town but some of the residents love that aspect. It lets the neighborhood stay small and less populated than the neighborhoods filled with large shopping malls. Of course it neighbors areas such as Northridge that provide all the shopping one could ever desire.

The majority of these homes are either newly built or newly remodeled. You will find everything from nice tile countertops to granite countertops. Depending on the area you are planning on residing in, you will find a variety of both styles. If you are more interested in a condominium or even an apartment instead of a large home, you will find everything you need. There are tons of apartment homes and condominiums on the market in North Hills. These North Hills homes are meant more for the small families and even college students who attend the Valley’s most prestigious school — CSUN. They are small enough to give a feeling of comfort but large enough to house up to four people at once. Some of these townhouses are equipped with a balcony with an enclosed patio. These are great for entertaining guests.

Real Estate in the North Hills Neighborhood

If you are looking for North Hills houses that are unique and brand new, you will find a large amount of them. There are many homes that are brand new and haven’t been used yet. These include dark wood cabinets in the kitchen with great granite countertops. They also include amazing views of surrounding area and even an in-ground pool. The hard wood floors complete the whole look of the home. North Hills is the ideal area for all sorts of families, from large families to small families and even college students.