Northridge is a beautiful community that is part of the nation’s history for a variety of reasons. The neighborhood is probably best known in this essentially a household name due to the earthquake that hit San Fernando Valley in the year 1994. Later studies showed that quake may not have had its epicenter in Northridge, but the quake had already been named for the area.

Northridge — An Area of National History

Northridge is home to the only California State University in the San Fernando Valley. Considering both the size and density of the valley, one might assume that the area would have multiple universities. But the academic infrastructure strain this primarily placed on California State University of Northridge, and as a result, the institution has shown tremendous resolve and has shown its ability to create leading programs for many of the San Fernando Valley residents to consider.

It’s a neighborhood that essentially 17 mi.², and neighbors Reseda, North Hills, Porter Ranch, Chatsworth, and Granada Hills. Prior to the housing developments of the 1950s, Northridge was mostly in agricultural area. With the advent of the boom in population in this area of the state during the 50s, much of the agriculture was cleared in order for housing developments to be created. Because the area was primarily developed during a time when plenty of real estate was available, many of the Northridge property lots are much larger than those found in other newer neighborhoods.

CSUN Remains Job Leader to the City

The university currently is the largest provider of jobs in the area of Northridge, and remains a central focus of the neighborhood. Real estate in the area generally valued a little higher in the neighborhood relative to the surrounding neighborhoods to to the size of lots as well as access to the university. Although the school has over 34,000 students, the area is generally quiet for a college town due to the number of students who are commuters.