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Panorama City — Our First Community

The headline above touches on a little-known historical fact that truly offers a bit of trivia about the great city that is Panorama City. Panorama City was our Valley’s initial planned community.

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It is an area that is bordered by the San Gabriel Valley, Van Nuys, and Mission Hills. The area is known for its tremendous access to a number of major freeways that allow residents to quickly get around the great southland area that we reside.

The History of Panorama City

The city was initially developed around the great corporations that once defined much of the San Fernando Valley business climate. General Motors houses its largest assembly plant here. A brewery known as the Schlitz brewery was also housed in Panorama City. This brewery eventually was taken over by the widely known Anheuser-Busch Co. that has become one of the household names in American beer.

Goodbye General Motors

Of course times do change, and General Motors no longer supplies the country, never mind the world, with cars built in Panorama City. This area has since been swapped out for commercial real estate.

Panorama city continues to be a fascinating area that provides its residents with a recreation center that helps define and establish its community. The Panorama Recreation Center provides both children and adults in area to engage in athletics in just about any sport, and in many eyes, this recreation center works as a community hub for the great area that is Panorama City.