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A Little History of the Area

Porter is a neighborhood that lies in the foot hills of the Santa Susana Mountains here in the San Fernando Valley. Areas that surround Porter ranch include Chatsworth, Northridge, and Granada Hills. Porter Ranch area leans up against the foothills of the Santa Susana Mountains and the 118 Freeway, a freeway that has recently been renamed the Ronald Reagan Freeway.

The history of the region can be traced back to a gentleman named Benjamin Porter who purchased the area through land grant in the late 19th century. It remained relatively natural for years and years, and truly wasn’t developed until the 1980s. Eventually the area was developed, and like much of the San Fernando Valley, the suburban development eventually grew in to a very attractive neighborhood that is probably best known for being featured in the blockbuster movie, ET.

The area today is primarily made up of a number of upscale communities that are, for the most part, gated. The home style in the area is pretty consistent to do the fact that it is arguably the most recent suburban development in the San Fernando Valley. Proximity to the 118 Freeway, as well as the natural beauty that recides in the landscape of Santa Susana Mountains, make Porter Ranch one of the most attractive neighborhoods for home buyers who are looking to live anywhere along the northern rim of the San Fernando Valley.