The city of Reseda stands near the center of the San Fernando Valley. If we were to look at the geography of the Valley as a whole, we would likely choose North Hills to be the absolute center of the Valley. That said, Reseda resides besides North Hills, and for that reason certainly has the feel, when one is there, of being part of the heart of the Valley.

It is named after an African plant, and, is certainly known for its dry climate, it’s very flat central valley land, and access to both be 101 and 405 freeways.

The area continues to be densely populated due to a rising number of condominium styled buildings that are being built along the nature streets and boulevards that run through much of the area. Our city’s mayor has claimed that he hopes the area that is San Fernando Valley will grow to be more of a pedestrian styled city where city transportation and walking replace many of the vehicles that line the streets of our valley neighborhoods. Reseda seems to be leading the way in this regard, and many of the major streets are often filled with residents hundred bicycles for their feet to run errands or get back-and-forth from school to home.

Reseda — A City that is Part of Our Popular Culture

Reseda is well known for being prominent in many major movie productions such as the Karate Kid to and Terminator II. The Karate Kid is a story built around a character who moved from New Jersey to Reseda. It is also an area that is referenced by the great pop rock singer Tom Petty and stand out if “Freefalling.”

The area remains a hot spot for many television and movie productions due to its consistent architecture that certainly references a period post-1950s that definitely has an allure in the way of nostalgia for many individuals in this country.