Crime and safety are integral parts of neighborhood selection problem buyer, and for this reason we decided to provide a page on this site that helps us some very useful links in order to look into both current and trend statistics regarding the safety of particular neighborhoods.

Of course crime research of a particular neighborhood is somewhat difficult to qualify for a couple of reasons. How long do you look back when looking into data? And how do you rate or score the different sorts of crimes?

One should probably look at just recent statistics in a neighborhood when trying to assess the safety of the overall neighborhood relative to neighborhoods in the vicinity.

Overall, the city of Los Angeles is arguably one of the most dynamic city in not only the great country of the United States, but one of the most dynamic cities in the entire world. There is a 4 mile radius around downtown that was covered for a recent social study. The study showed that in this particular area of the city over 100 languages are spoken. The reason we bring this up this to showcase the dynamism of this tremendous city. It is truly one of the great cities of the country, and unfortunately, as with all large cities, crime and safety issues within one of its largest areas — the San Fernando Valley — do tax infrastructure of the city.

Again, please address the following links carefully, and try not to make rash judgments about a particular area because the past week or two. Generally speaking, you want to consider crime trends in historical terms in order to give yourself the fairest indicator of the overall safety of a particular neighborhood.