In this sellers’ market, we’re literally seeing offers within hours of listings. It is crucial that you work with a professional who is in touch with the best LISTING practices for your specific region. UNSEASONED listing practices can cost the home seller TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars.

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7 Considerations to Make When Selling Your Home

For those of you just feeling out the idea of what it takes to get a home sold right, take a look at the page we put together that highlights 7 Important Considerations to Make When Selling Your Home. Approaching a home sale correctly can mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars on the closing end, and it is crucial, in our opinion, that you speak with a regional professional directly as you dot every “i” and cross every “t” in an effort to get the most money for your property.

Working with Erik has been an absolute blessing. The guy is a true professional who laid out a defined selling plan, and did so for us in a way that was as pressure-free as possible. Selling our home wasn’t a simple decision for us, and my husband and I actually almost changed our minds midway. Erik was patient with us, and allowed us to mull over our decision on our own time.

We’ve eventually decided to stick with the sale, and make the move. Not only did Erik handle the sale ideally, but he also got us a price nearly $17,000 greater than what we expected.

All things considered, if you are looking for a professional with seemingly every professional contact there is in the business, Erik Cabral is your listing agent.

Sandy E.

I interviewed three agents, and Erik was the third. By the time Erik sat me down and showcased his understanding of the market, his experience in the field, and his history with the region, I was sold. The fact is that I’m a businessman myself, and I know that the difference between someone who knows a market, knows what a market is likely to do, and is willing to bring in outside help to best price the market.

Be serious about scouting your agent. If he or she does not have a web site that has regular leads coming through (it is the age of new media, after all); if he or she does not have an approach that sounds business-minded; if he or she doesn’t have more than the canned responses to offer… keep looking.

And if you live in the Valley, you can end your agent searching by seeking our Erik Cabral.

Michael W.

Our system that we employ to EVERY listing relies on our ability to source information from MULTIPLE AUTHORITIES in the marketplace.

Step One: We work with a top 20 lender (IN THE NATION) who is based in the southland. We survey your property, create a case file, and then issue this file blind (without any suggestive price or consideration) to our top 20 lender who addresses the file and gives us his professional opinion on the matter.

Step Two: Comparable home sales are examined so that we may address your home’s strengths/weaknesses relative to comparable closes and current listings in the area.

Step Three: Our own assessment of the home based on its existing condition, and then compare this assessment with our lender’s assessment.

Step Four: Discrepancies between these assessments are examined, and we then hash out the professional differences in order to provide our client a figure to digest.

Step Five: We accompany this figure with a comparison of some of the home’s weaknesses, and offer considerations to improve the overall appeal of the home so that the market is as responsive as can be.

Step Six: The listing price, a price designed to lure the market, is established, and the home is placed on the market.

Step Seven: The employment of time-tested techniques done with the utmost professionalism in order to draw the highest quality buyers to the property. This includes brand new professional home dressing, branded signs for the yard, beautiful flyers that showcase all the home’s highlights, etc.

Step Eight: Initiation of Internet Marketing strategies to sustain the number of buyers who take a look at the home. More potential buyers means more potential demand. And with greater demand comes a greater close price!

The truth is that in today’s age, 94% of buyers search out properties online. It is online that home shoppers begin their search, and it is online that your home will be profiled by a team that understands the web!

Step Nine: Our lead agent conducts time tested negotiation skills that only come with over a decade of experience — the sort of experience that our lead agent has!

Reach out today for a FREE consult with Erik Cabral
to discuss selling your home!

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