Studio City is certainly one of the more luxurious neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley, and it definitely keeps pace with its backside neighbors when it comes to stunning hillside architecture with phenomenal views.

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Studio City At a Glance

Studio City is an area that extends into a total of four Valley zip codes. This area runs along the Ventura Boulevard, in many ways connects suburban Valley to the corridor of fell into this far more city like. Studio City borders the infamous Hollywood Hills, while of course shoulders up against Sherman Oaks and North Hollywood, as well as Universal City. Not only does the Ventura Boulevard work as a primary corridor access to university in the heart of Hollywood, but highway 101 is also heavily accessible from just about any street in Studio City. As a result easy access to the Valley or towards downtown is always a freeway entrance away.

Access to All Parts of the Valley — As Well As the West Side

There is also easy access to the Westside through the corridor to provide by both Laurel Canyon and Coldwater Canyon, both of which are known for scenic drives through natural areas that contain some of the city’s most beautiful small parks. These are two of the more historic streets in the Valley, and each piece extend over the Valley health into the heart of West LA.

Studio City is primarily considered to be one of the premier spots for individuals who work the studios. The reason for this is because of access to both Hollywood, Burbank, and to the west side. Of course the entire city is not made up of studio employees, and over the years has become one of the more dynamic and fascinating areas of the Valley due to its vibrant city feel and fantastic slew of restaurants.

A City of Renowned Schools

The area contains a handful of Los Angeles Unified School District schools. Each of these are well regarded, and each serves the community particularly well. There are also a series of private schools in the area. Some of the most notable private schools in all of San Fernando Valley (as well as all of Los Angeles) can be found in Studio City or its neighboring city of Sherman Oaks. Both Campbell Hall and Harvard Westlake both provide parents with two of the finest options and private schooling for high school aged students.