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Sylmar — Atop the Valley

Sylmar is a northern most city in the San Fernando Valley. The city of Sylmar lies atop both Mission Hills and Granada Hills, and essentially lies decide the I5 along the corridor that leads to Santa Clarita. Historically speaking, Sylmar was at one time known throughout the world as one of the largest olive grove sources. In fact the name Sylmar is derived from this famous fact. Because of the nature of olive groves, Sylmar was named the Silver Sea.

Sylmar, Famous for More than Olives

The history of Sylmar prior to the groves is obviously just as fascinating as the rest of the San Fernando Valley. Before the Spaniards founded the mission that led to the namesake that is our Valley, the area was inhabited by Native Americans. Spaniards arrived in 1797, and in 1890, a group of olive growers planted rows of trees in the area that is no Sylmar. As these groves grew to bear fruit, the area grew to be known as the Silver Sea. With its ideal climate for olive growing, the area also became a destination for those suffering from tuberculosis. The dry air was thought to be an ideal source of respite for those suffering from the dreadful disease. Of course anyone who is familiar with Sylmar area today notes that the Santa Ana winds run through the channel that is the new hall pass down through Sylmar and into the heart of the Valley.

A Quiet City

Sylmar today is considered to be the least dense city in the San Fernando Valley. Our neighboring valleys are certainly well populated, but none of them have quite as many people as sent Fernando Valley. Sylmar offers residents a field that blends both the diversity of the San Fernando Valley with the density is more consistent to Santa Clarita Valley. Sylar is als well known for its very high homeownership rate, which is somewhat out of line with the overall Los Angeles real estate landscape.

One little known fun fact is that hang gliding has been popular in the mountains behind Sylmar for the last 40 plus years. The weather is obviously ideal, since it is so frequently clear and blue skied. When this clear blue weather is combined with a consistent wind flow, hang gliders fill the skies.