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A Quick Glance at the City of West Hills

West Hills is nestled in between Woodland Hills, Hidden Hills, and Calabasas, in the northwest corner of the San Fernando Valley. The area boasts access to the ocean (through both Las Virgenes or Topanga), some of the better schools in the Valley (El Camino continually places will in academic competitions nation wide), relatively little traffic due to its location as compared to other Valley areas, and hillside properties that are some of the more valuable in the Valley.

Over the last fifteen or so years, property values in West Hills have continued to outpace the Valley as a whole. West Hills remains one of the more esteemed areas in the Valley because it offers fantastic Valley living at reasonable prices. Of course neighboring cities such as Hidden Hills and Calabasas do offer more in the way of higher end properties, but neither of these cities offer anywhere near the same variety that West Hills does in terms of pricing.